Daniel Productions has the experience, knowledge, skill and creativity to produce programs that exceed our clients’ expectations.

About Daniel Productions


Daniel Productions produces High-Quality Video Programs and Digital Media communications tools and supports clients by offering creative and technical solutions. We have won dozens of industry and film festival awards.

Our award-winning productions include training, internal and public information, documentary, marketing and recruiting programs, and nationally broadcast PSAs. Our productions have helped the Marine Corps teach marksmanship and prepare troops for deployment; collaborated with Mr. Walter Cronkite to tell the story of West Point’s 200-year history; promoted benefits of living in Okinawa for Marine Corps personnel and families; and excited audiences about the science and spirit of discovery at the National Science Center. We helped the Ronald McDonald House increase its fund-raising efforts with a heartfelt and award-winning program. Produced programs for the New York Division for Youth. We produced a series of training programs for Traumatic Event Management specialists to help soldiers and helped the Meridian System communicate their health and cancer awareness messages.

Chosen from hundreds of Producers to create a Marketing Video for the Agency responsible for fulfilling major DoD video requirements. Scripts that we created were published in a national Document that gives examples on “how to” produce successful video programs.

Our company slogan …”If you have an idea, or need one, call us!”… reflects our creative approach and confidence;. We have unlimited ideas for our clients, and we can help develop ideas that the client brings to us. The impact of some of our programs has been greater than we ever imagined. Video is a powerful medium.